How Consistency Affects Your Blogging?

Consistency is Success

It’s fact that “Content is king”. Don’t you have content on your Blog? Do you believe other’s content is better than you have on your Blog? It’s not always yes! Than what makes people successful? That is consistency in Blogging. If you have some great content but you are not consistent. If you are not consistent, you might stop writing content soon. Because you can’t get success, as you deserve.

We are always asked to provide quality content. Do you think it’s for Search Engine’s Satisfaction? No, it’s always for your Readers. Search Engine’s ALGO is always according to visitor’s demand. If visitors are satisfied, that’s enough.

For example, you read any magazine. You get it on 5th of each month. But you noticed that your magazine is not consistent anymore. Will you wait for 30 days a month for your Magazine? No? The same works in Blogging as well. You get what you deserve. You can not make your readers, your followers. And if you can’t satisfy readers, you can never satisfy Search Engines.

Basic Fruits of Consistency:

Consistency leads you to success. If you never quit blogging, either you are not getting fruits of blogging that time. If you are consistent blogger. It will lead you to these Basic Fruits of Consistency sooner.


2. Organic Traffic

3. Trust of visitors (Good Relations)

4. A lot of Money

If you don’t agree with my opinion. If you feel that anything was missing about blogging consistency. I would love to read your words.

Ping and Tell Search Engines That You Have Updated Blog

Whenever you Update your Blog. You need to tell Search Engines that you have some new content on your Blog. Do you know why you need to tell Search Engines about your update every time? Because Search Engines Crawlers do not crawl so much frequently. Search Engines might crawl your site after a week. But if you want to get your site indexed by Search Engines for your new update. You will need to wait for a week to get your page indexed. If you don’t want to wait, you can ask Search Engine’s crawlers to crawl you.

There are a number of ways to get crawled soon. One of them is Pinging. Pinging services are of two types. Free and Premium. You can use free pinging services to tell Search Engines that you have updated your Blog.

Few Best Free Pinging Services:

Here are few free pinging services which are working good in this field.

1. IM Talk Submitter

2. Ping My URL

3. Ping o Matic

4. Pingler

5. Ping My Link

6. Feed Shark

7. Ping Goat

You can submit your Blog or any other link using these free pinging services to tell Search Engines that you have updated your blog.

What should be Blog’s Niche to Earn Money?

Blog's Best Niche

Blog’s Niche is very important in Blogging. If you want to make a blog for expressing yourself. Then you can go without deciding any Niche. Your best Niche is “Yourself”. But if your aim is to earn money. Then you are depending on Visitors. You must go with that Niche, which has huge quantity of readers. More traffic means more revenue.

Few Niche having huge traffic:

These are few “Niche” that attracts visitors a lot.

  1. Technology
  2. Entertainment
  3. News
  4. Health

But still, if these Niche are not according to your taste. Then don’t choose anyone of these. Because no one can give quality content without interest in topic. Do you have more better idea about Blog’s Niche? Please discuss.

When You Should Not Write Content On Your Blog?

You have a number of reasons to write content on your Blog. If you want to increase quantity of content on your blog. Writing Content helps you to maintain consistency of your Blog. You can entertain yourself with Writing. You can put your frustration out. You might find hundreds of reason to write content on your Blog. But do you know when you should stop writing content on your Blog?

Please STOP Writing Content:

I have noticed few situations when you must STOP writing content. Because you might get hurt by your readers.

1. you have not read your topic.

2. Your topic is not interesting for you. Or you are working on any other project.

3. You feel, you have nothing to write.

4. You are in tension.

5. You have quarreled with someone a while ago.

6. Your research is incomplete yet.

7. You have not discussed issues about your topic, you faced.

8. You have written a lot this day.

9. You are ill.

10. You have copied someone. You will surely face an issue of copyright.

In all of above situations, I,ll ask you to STOP writing. Because only content is not king. But quality content is king. In-short you should STOP writing when you can’t provide quality content. If you have some others situations, when one should not write content on blog, please share in comment box.

Blog Commenting Is Valuable Backlinks and Relationships

Blog Commenting Relationships and backlinks

I usually prefer Blog Commenting. Because it’s easy for all to get backlinks. You can’t get chance to write guest post on every high page rank Blog. But you have chance to comment on those Blogs. No one is going to stop you. You can get backlink for each Blog’s Niche from High page rank Blogs. Blog commenting is surely a great way to get valuable backlinks.

This is not over here. As you follow Blogs and you comment on other’s Blogs with consistency. It helps you to build relationships. It will give you chance to write Guest Posts on others Blogs as well. Blog owners will give value to your comments. Sometimes they ask you to give your kind suggestion about their Posts. It means Blog Commenting gives you worth. But you must on others blogs carefully.

Weebly Review- An Easiest Way To Create And Manage Websites

If you are interested to make your own free website. Even you don’t know HTML and CSS for designing your own free website. If you are very new to Blogging and web designing. Weebly gives you solution to your Problems. Weebly is one of best Free Hosting Provider. TopTenReviews has given Weebly 7.5/10. Create a Free Website with Weebly.

Positive aspects of Weebly:

Everything has some positive and negative aspects. I have experienced Weebly and I have noticed few things.

Custom Domain:

Weebly free and pro allow you to add Custom Domain. Your sub domain on  Weebly  will be redirected to your Custom Domain.

Start a Blog:

Weebly allow you to start a Blog with your Website. So that to share more about your product. It will help you to know your visitor’s opinion about your product and service. And it’s better in Search Engine Optimization.

Drag and Drop:

Weebly works with “Drag and Drop” options. Dragging and dropping makes it very easy to manage pages of your Website.

Beautiful Templates:

There are beautiful templates available for your website. If you are Using Weebly Pro. You have option to Edit Html and CSS of your Template.


Weebly allow you to Add metadata to your site. If you will use Weebly Pro. It will provide you stats of your websites. It will help you in your SEO.

Services and Support:

While using Weebly Pro. You can manage 10 sites per account. And you have unlimited space and bandwidth for your websites. You can upload up to 100MB files. If you need support while designing or working on your site. You contact them and they reply you within no time.

Negative Aspects of Weebly:

Nothing in this world is perfect. Weebly has also some negative aspects. But negative aspects of Weebly are negligible.


If you found that your template was not perfect for your website. You changed your template. Or you made any change in your template and you made a mistake, you realized after publishing. There is an option to preview before Publishing. But there is no option for backup.

Link in Footer for Free Weebly:

If you are using Weebly Free service. You will be asked to tolerate a link “Create a free website with Weebly” in footer of your Website.

Brief Summary about Weebly:

Weebly is finest hosting service. “Drag and Drop” makes it easy for all to create and manage website. Weebly allow you to start a Blog along with your site. You can Add your custom domain. It will allow you to add metadata of your website. If you use Weebly Pro. You can Edit your site to make it professional. You will find it SEO friendly. Weebly help and Support will allow to contact in all aspects.

What is Best Way to Design Permalinks or URLs for Your Website/Blog?

Your designed URL for your post is your permalink. It’s fact that URL of a page is one of most important thing. Sometime Bloggers get Hurt because they try to spam with URLs. A number of people believe that keyword stuffing in Permalinks can give them more value in Search Results. That’s true to some extent. But it hurts when you try to cheat Google.
Matt Cutts has told us that Google give more value to three to five words of URL. He also informed that using synonyms can hurt your ranking. You permalink should summarize your topic within three to five words. If you want to add keywords. Add them within the post. Your headlines are also important. You must add keywords properly.

How to design Permalinks:

I have noticed few rules in my experience. As we are depending on Google. We must follow Google rules. The basic rule of Google is, the content should be user friendly otherwise you stop writing content on your blog. So, while making permalink. You must remember.
1. The ideal length of URL is three to five words.
2. Add your keywords in URL but your Permalink should not be a combination of keywords. It should be meaningful.
3. Summarize your topic in Permalink.
4. Your permalink should be easy to remember.
5. Don’t use same permalink at your domain and sub-domain.
6. Use lowercase characters to avoid duplication of Permalinks.
8. Use Hyphen (-) instead of underscore (_). Google treats (_) as a space.
7. If you are not using Blogger then do not use date or time in your Permalinks.
You must remember these tips before designing your Permalinks. If you have done mistakes. Then forget them. You can redirect your URLs but I believe you should keep them as they are. And be natural for your upcoming work.

Permalinks in Blogger, WordPress or TypePad:

If You are using Blogger. You will find an option to design your permalink in the right sidebar of Post Editor.
If you are using WordPress Or TypePad. You can find Permalink option behind your Post Title of Post Editor.
These were basic SEO tips about permalinks. Everyone must follow these basic tips about Permalinks. If you know something else about best usage of permalinks. Let us know you please.


How to Get Your Post Titles Before Your Blog Title In Search Results

If you are using Blogger. You have not hired any SEO expert for your personal Blog. You must know few things for successful Blogging. Blogger is not fully optimized. As your Blog is going to depend on Organic Traffic. You need to optimize your Blog for Search Engines. There are few points. You must remember for Blogger. When Search Engine’s Crawlers crawl. Blogger asks them to show Blog’s Title first. But for better experience in Search Results. You should change Blogger’s design and ask Search Engines to give more value to Post Title for a page.

Get Post Title Before Blog Title:

 It’s not too hard to get your post title before Blog Title. You need to change a simple code in your Blogger’s Template. Follow these steps and get your Post Titles before your Blog’s Title in search results for better experience.
1. Open your Blogger’s Blog Dashboard.
2. Go to Template and then “Edit Html”.
3. Find the following code. (Press Ctrl+F to find)

4. Select the above code and replace it with this given below code.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

5. Preview your Template and save your settings.
You have successfully added your code to get Post Titles before Blog Title. You have optimized your Post Titles. You can see in search results that your Post titles will appear before your Blog title. When you will open any Post of your Blog. You can notice that your Post Title is appearing before Blog’s Title. You will surely see your Blog’s Ranking Improvement in search results.

Turn Off your Navigation bar in Blogger to Look Professional

Your visitors notice everything on your Blog and then they decide to trust you. If you are using Blogger, Your Blog’s Niche is about Blogging and you have not Turned Off Default Blogger Navigation Bar. Your visitors might not trust you, as you deserve. They might believe that you are not professional Blogger.

Reasons to Turn Off Blogger’s Navigation Bar:

I have noticed few reasons to Turn Off your Default Blogger’s Navigation Bar.
1. It will help you to look professional.
2. It will enhance your Blog’s Beauty.
3. You can introduce your Own Navigation Bar.
4. You might loose visitors. As they click on “Next Blog” on Navigation Bar.

How To Turn Off Navigation Bar In Blogger:

It’s simple to Turn Off your Navigation Bar in Blogger. You can easily Turn Off your Blogger Default NavBar.
1. Visit your Blog’s Dashboard.
2. Go to “LayOut”.
3. Edit your “NavBar” on right top Corner under “LayOut”.
4. Turn Off and save.
You can view Blog and check if your Navigation bar has been Turned Off . If you are still facing difficulty in removing your Navigation Bar in Blogger. Feel free to discuss your Problem.


Why You Should Write Awesome Headlines and Great Descriptions for Posts

Awesome headlines and great description

You can search and find a number of ways to write awesome headlines. But the question arises why you should write awesome headlines and why you should give priority to description of your post. If you want to rate your post. I would like you to give 40% value to your Post Title and 10% to your Description.

Two Main Reasons to Write Awesome Headlines:

There are a number of reasons to write awesome headlines. But I have noticed two main reasons to write awesome headlines.
1. All of the bloggers are depending on Search Engines. Search Engines provide huge traffic to your Posts. As your Post Titles are Appearing in Search Results. 8 out of 10 people read your headlines only. That’s your must know how to get attention of people. I would like you to read Magnetic Headlines by Brian Clark to attract visitors with awesome headlines.
2. It’s fact that every line of your Post is important. Every line of your post should ask your readers to read the next sentence. If a visitor join your Blog and your Post headlines were not appealing, You might lose that visitor. That’s why you should not write posts when you are not relax.

Why you should write Great Descriptions:

Your Post Descriptions are also appearing in Search Results. If your Post Title was good enough to get attention of visitors. There are two chances, the visitors might read your description or jump to your Blog.
If visitors were interested to read description of your Post, your Description must have an attracting force. If you are careless about Description. You might lose traffic.
These were main reasons to write awesome headlines and great descriptions of your Posts. If you want to add something in this post. Please share your opinion.